Dick's Potato Chips Takes a Crunchy Ride to Oktoberfest in New York!

Dick's Potato Chips Takes a Crunchy Ride to Oktoberfest in New York!

October in New York is synonymous with colorful leaves, pumpkin-spiced everything, and, of course, the vibrant and lively Oktoberfest! This year, a special addition is coming to Grand St. in Croton, making the party even crunchier: Dick's Potato Chips is joining the fray!

Dick’s Potato Chips: The Star Crunch of Oktoberfest

If you haven’t tried Dick's Potato Chips yet, you’re in for a real treat. Crafted with love and seasoned to perfection, every chip captures the essence of what it means to truly enjoy a bite. Whether you’re a fan of classic, tangy, spicy, or the adventurous flavors that they roll out, there's a bag with your name written all over it.

The Oktoberfest, known for its delightful mix of traditional German music, dance, and, of course, beer, now has an extra layer of flavor with Dick’s Potato Chips. When you're swaying to the tunes with a pint in hand, what could be better than a handful of these scrumptious chips?

Here's What You Can Expect:

Taste Explosion: Dick's Potato Chips will set up a booth that will feature their entire lineup. From their signature original flavor to the more exotic ones, there’s a chip for every palate.

Fun and Games: Apart from munching on the crispy delights, there will be games and contests. Ever wanted to participate in a potato chip eating contest? Well, this might be your chance!

Exclusive Oktoberfest Flavor: To commemorate this special event, Dick's Potato Chips is rumored to be unveiling a limited-edition Oktoberfest flavor. What could it be? You'll have to visit and find out!

The 3rd Annual Oktoberfest: More Than Just Beer

In its third year, Oktoberfest on Grand St. in Croton is not just an ordinary event. It's an experience. Transforming the entire street into an enormous party hub, it offers attendees a blend of cultural immersion, fun activities, and a community gathering unlike any other.

With live music, traditional German dance performances, a variety of food stalls, and now, Dick’s Potato Chips, it promises to be a day filled with joy, laughter, and memories.


If you're in or around New York on October 15th, 2023, do yourself a favor and head to Grand St. in Croton. Grab a bag of Dick's Potato Chips, immerse yourself in the festivities, and be a part of an Oktoberfest that promises to be the street party event of the year!

Mark your calendars and make sure your snack-loving friends know about it too. Dick's Potato Chips is ready to crunch up the Oktoberfest. Are you? 🥳🥨🍻🥔

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