Is This For Real?

This is our most common question! Yes, Dick's Potato Chips is a real business crafting delicious potato chips. They are cooked by hand by a Midwestern chip maker that's been family owned for nearly 90 years. These chips are legit.
But what's with that slogan? Well, the idea is simple: people love to laugh at Dick's! We bet you're smiling right now. And let's be honest, at some point we've all wanted to tell someone to eat a bag of Dick's. Now you can!
When we eat potato chips, we're usually with friends -- watching a game, enjoying a movie, hanging out. So why not have a snack that can be part of the fun? There are lots of potato chips out there in many flavors, but none of them can actually make you laugh. That's where Dick's comes in.
Here's where you come in. You can make Dick's get bigger! Buy a few bags and bring them to your next gathering, and see what happens once all your friends have Dick's in their hands. Whether they've enjoyed Dick's before or tasting them for the first time, we bet it'll be an experience they'll never forget!